Subscription Options

$199 per month
Weekly Personal Training Sessions
Custom Workout Programs
$399 per month
Bi-Weekly Personal Training Sessions
Custom Workout Programs
Dietitian Consultation
$599 per month
3X Personal Training Sessions Per Week
Custom Workout Programs
Dietitian Consultation
Nutritional Consultation

Subscription Details

Personal Training
Fitness results for busy adults. The one on one Personal Training program gives you the ultimate access to your fitness wants and needs. Work with a clear plan of success to your goal in a private fitness environment, away from the distractions of the gym, work or home with your dedicated fitness professional.
Custom Workout Programs
Think exercise is too challenging/painful? What if it’s the program that has you frustrated? We work with your body type and interests to develop a program that helps tone you, assist with weight loss, develop strength, or help you re-energize your body. The Custom Workout Programs are delivered via phone/email and is updated every 6 weeks to keep you progressing toward your goals.
Personalized Text Accountability
Keep on Track with your goals 24/7 with an accountability system designed to minimize overeating, help you plan your workouts accordingly, and keep you motivated all from your phone.
Nutritional Monitor
Eat on Track with your goals 24/7. Your trainer will assist you in building a healthier lifestyle by helping you rebuild your healthy eating habits. Get some of the biggest questions answered when it comes to what you should eat and how much. Knowing that someone is making sure you are successful by monitoring your food will keep you inline with your caloric goals.
Customized Recipes
Don’t go hungry for a diet, eat the right meals that keeps you on track to hit your goals. Experienced dietitian, Lisa McCune, will deliver a customized meal plan based on your fitness/health goals. No more guessing about what is the right choice for you.
Master Group Access
Stay connected with others that have been on your journey. Share recipes, hints, and activities with other like minded individuals. Hosted by Certified Personal Trainer, Jasen Bradley, and host of the Strong Within Daily Affirmation Podcast, Chris O’Hearn.
Dietitian Consultation
Meet one on one with experienced Registered Dietitian and health educator, Lisa McCune. The consultation is either delivered over the phone or at Dr. McCune office in Farragut. You will discuss goals, and current eating habits after which a meal plan is created along with a grocery list customized for your lifestyle.
Grocery Delivery
Forget reading labels! Have your new lifestyle delivered straight to your door. Save time and fight temptation of the grocery store add-ons. Delivered by Gateway Delivery Service. GateWay is a local company that loves to enhance their customers’ quality of life.
Success Progress Workbook
Did you know the scale isn’t the only way to measure your results? The best motivation is seeing how far you’ve come, and with a professionally designed program, you’ll go far! Get the full picture of how far you have come and will continue to go with a customized workbook that allows you to track progress throughout your journey.