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Stay on Track with your Goals

Be held accountable 24/7!

Custom Workouts

A customized workout plan, just for you. Designed for home, gym, or outdoors!

Go beyond the workout

Being healthy isn’t just working out, but how much you eat, sleep, hydration etc.

Monitor all the stats to help you succeed.

Accountability Kit

Don’t rely on just a scale! Your Smart Watch will show you where to put in the effort, or when to put in the rest.

Series 5 Apple Watch

We use the Apple Watch (Series 5 or later) to track your workouts and other stats to make sure you are making progress. Your trainer checks and makes sure you are on track!

Customized Nutrition/Dietician Consultation

A Registered Dietician consultation to guide your food choices based on what you like.
A nutritionist to explain when and how much you should be eating based off your lifestyle.

Accurate Measurements

Knoxville Only
Go beyond the scale and get an accurate measurement of your body composition and your changes!

Personalized Workout Plans

Workouts that evolve based on your stats, your activity, and your diet as they improve.

Accountability Monthly Pricing
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Personalized Workout Program
  • Dietician/Nutritionist Consultation¬†

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